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/art by Joe Jesus


Crusing through the galaxy, crusing through the galaxy,
aliens watchout yo! ha!
...Cruise the galaxy, supernova pilot.
Looking for life yo, will we ever find it.
Dem red lights they flicker, attacking space pirate, take the controls
we need to power up and skeedaddle,
diddle too late yo temporary blinded, missiles lockin on,
hit with ultra ultraviolet, will it be the end of us mayday mayday
this 10 4 , coming down clear the runway.
Oooooh So cold in this climate, strange figure, appears it seems were uninvited, come on come on im ready I got alphabet bullets, cool it, play our position, maybe we can fool it fool it
I reach into my pocket for that magic space pie, break into pieces and i share it with the guys, is it lack of gravity or are we too high, then it's vortex, back flex, super man fly.
translucent and pixelated, colours mash integrated, flash back and the sound is gated, look at my skin ive must of made it,
I'm all in tact in fact better then the flux in the back which took a hard wack an i might be stuck here in a future unlike anything that i have ever seen.
Bright lights with neo kicks, hover heels and 3d flicks, skate boards with dem wheels and feels so electric please dont trip.
Speakers play shit that ive never heard, so fresh, so clean feel every word, it feels so peaceful but why do i feel so empty inside.

Pete Philly
Pending translation..

Dub Fx
intergalactic supernova pilots on the case
enter the hyper speed warp drive powered up by the bass
give me the joystick steering away, from the milky way
we got to keep moving into the dimension
hold up now change lanes
taken it too another speed, trying to get to a galaxy
over the cosmos where its just so beautiful and free
i see pretty lights their flashing making me re imagine
all the crazy things that Ive seen
I'm having flash backs like whiplash of free styling aliens
ripping it up on the microphone then asking to phone home
I'm seeing microscopic i don't know how to stop it
its all a little crazy in this zone, lets go
we search endlessly for the perfect galaxy
where expression is currency in a karma economy
we think its possibly around the corner up on the right
i think i see the lights and now where not so empty inside



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